AudioTech | Vestax Spin


Where are your roots as a DJ? They come from the 80′s warehouse party scene, where it was all about getting down and having fun. I love to send people home at the end of a night happy and sweaty! There is no better feeling than that.
What gear are you working with? Vestax Spin, it’s perfect for the traveling DJ. You just plug it into an amp or headphone jack and you’re ready to go. It records directly into your iTunes so saving sets is pretty simple.
Check out her site!

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Where’s Waldo? | PhotoBlaster

What do you do? I make film, i do underground art work, I use old school cameras, I do films and I do photo-documentaries.
What camera are you using? I use the PhotoBlaster camera. It’s got two lenses, but I don’t feel comfortable really talking about it. I don’t want people biting my style.
[end interview]

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Squirrel Chaser | Diana F+

Who are you and what are you doing in this weather? Hi, I’m Ursula. I thought it would be a great day to take some pictures of the snow and brought some peanuts to entice the squirrels, they usually look good on camera.
Where did you get this camera? It’s a Diana F+ camera, I got it from a store called AC Gears on 8th street, it’s near NYU. You should check it out, they have some cool cameras.
Are there any interesting facts about you? Well, I don’t like to bring it up (laughs) but I just got into Harvard Law so I guess I’m gonna be a lawyer and sell out to the man instead of being a photographer with my Diana cameras. I guess it can still be my hobby since I minored in it.
How is technology a part of your style? Well I had to get a new little iPod recently because I was told that the shuffle from my high school days looks like a tampon so I had to upgrade

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TechGeek | Corvida Raven

What’s your involvement in the techworld? I’m pretty much a blog girl, you can check me out at I report what’s going on in the tech world but in a way it’s breaking it down to people who are afraid of this new change that comes. Because a lot of people forget that the changes are supposed to be for their benefit in the first place.
Besides the obvious utility of technology, what else does it represent for you? Technology is another form of expression for us and it’s coming out in many ways because we can wear it on us just like we would our clothes! And so finding different ways to express yourself is cool. Just like finding a nano watch…I like the colors alone but it also extends the functionality that you normally wouldn’t have before.

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AudioTech | TDK Boombox

[Interview with Steven Swenson, Global Brand Manager, TDK Life On Record]
What was the inspiration behind the TDK Boombox design? The TDK Life on Record 2-Speaker Boombox was inspired by a consumer research conducted with series music enthusiasts who conveyed to us a desire to see the meaning put back into music. Consumers consistently relayed to us their concerns about how music had become too focused on the music devices themselves and lacked a sense of the rich warmth of analog technologies.
Who helped create it? The new TDK Life on Record audio line was created by a dedicated team of internal employees in conjunction with Ziba Design, an external agency.
Why the Boombox? As we looked carefully at the best way to revive the legendary brand name, we opted to focus on iconic products that captured the essence of sharing music. The boombox provided the perfect opportunity due to its place in the history of music as a key portable product that promoted bringing people together publicly through music.
Can you tell me about some of the distinct features? Although the 2-Speaker Boombox is reminiscent in its design, it is highly sophisticated in its technology. Some of the key features can be found on our website.
What’s next for TDK? Although we can’t comment specifically on upcoming products, TDK Life on Record is continuing to aggressively work towards putting the meaning back into music by developing a broader line of high-quality audio products

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CES: Cool Things, Techpeek Approved [5 of 5]

[by andrew kwon]

GM’s all-electric EN-v concept car isn’t a robot, but it looks the part. The compact two-seater, shown for the first time in the U.S. at CES, incorporates Segway-like balancing technology.

It also has networking capabilities so it can autonomously drive in groups at highway speeds. That’s meant to alleviate massive road congestion in ultracrowded cities of the future, according to GM.

Check out the video after the jump!

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CES: Cool Things, Techpeek Approved [4 of 5]

[by andrew kwon]

Last year at CES, Polaroid unveiled Lady Gaga as their new creative director. This year, they revealed the product of their collaboration–the Polaroid Grey Label. The unlikely collabo has produced three items in their line, including the GL20 Camera Glasses, a unique new look at how to turn images into a fashion statement. Features are below and check the video after the jump.

  • Users can snap photos or record video of their surroundings, and then upload that content to a computer via Bluetooth or a USB port hidden in the ear piece
  • Two 1.7″ OLED screens can immediately display the photos you’re taking
  • Sunglasses are actually functional despite OLED screens

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CES: Cool Things, Techpeek Approved [3 of 5]

[by andrew kwon]

“What the hell am I looking at?” you ask? Besides the complicated name, the specs reveal a very fancy air purifier. But in reality, the Moneual RYDIS H1004 is the closest to a real multi-capable household robot. The Rydis is mobile and can move to different rooms according to where monitors sense interior air pollution and return to its base to charge itself. It gets even more interesting with the inclusion of…

  • Live health monitoring system using a wrist watch device providing elderly companionship and alert capabilities
  • Voice and facial recognition
  • Windows 7 touchscreen LCD panel system with health/internet applications (wi-fi connected)
  • Wireless stereo system

Imagine all the elderly folks who are living on their own?  This product (or products like this) could provide easier ways for people to communicate and monitor their loved one from far away.

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CES: Cool Things, Techpeek Approved [2 of 5]

[by andrew kwon]
Well, let’s jump right into it. The Razer Switchblade might be one of the coolest things I saw at CES and it’s definitely making a splash in the gaming community.
The Razer Switchblade is a little smaller and a lot more powerful than a typical netbook, with a 7-inch multi-touch screen, Intel Atom processor and dynamic chameleon-like keyboard that adjusts its layout and configurations on the fly based on the game being played.
It’s described as a way to bring the desktop gaming experience to a purpose built portable form, but unfortunately, this may never see the light of day. Razer, who’s foray of products consists mostly of gaming accessories, are keeping quiet about actual production, but maybe their ‘Best of CES’ award might change that.
Peep the video trailer after the jump!

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Techpeek goes into #CES | by andrew kwon

[by andrew kwon]

Top learnings from CES 2011; the microprocessor is in everything these days, all objects will soon be networked, smart design will always prevail, retro is back and oh yes, all things internet. This year, coverage of tablets, smartphones and 3D televisions were in no short supply. In fact, they took the spotlight in most media coverage from major publications to personal blogs. Search ‘#CES’ in Twitter right now, and you’ll find a stream that will stretch 10 times around the world.

2011 CES set a record in attendance and exhibitors, and 2012 is predicted to be even more manic, but record numbers aside; if you’re reading about CES through online resources –what should be your ‘take away’?

As first time CES newbs, I was shocked with the packed attendance in the Las Vegas Convention Center, miles of exhibition floor space and a lot of “Mr. Me Too” products. Admittedly, the saturation of tablet and 3D television coverage was a turnoff (IMO) and we wanted to find things that were impressive through innovation and design. Over the week ( and yes, we know the event was this past weekend), we’ll be showing off products in ‘#CES: Cool Things, Techpeek Approved”. So here is our kick-off, and stay tuned throughout the week – we will post these daily!


This therapeutic robot, which responds to motion, touch and can adapt to the user’s preferences, was developed for hospital and nursing home patients, especially those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Paro bots move their bodies and faces and make squealing noises to convey reactions or emotions. After some touching and feeling, I can confirm that this robot is just as cute as it is realistic.

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