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[by andrew kwon]

Top learnings from CES 2011; the microprocessor is in everything these days, all objects will soon be networked, smart design will always prevail, retro is back and oh yes, all things internet. This year, coverage of tablets, smartphones and 3D televisions were in no short supply. In fact, they took the spotlight in most media coverage from major publications to personal blogs. Search ‘#CES’ in Twitter right now, and you’ll find a stream that will stretch 10 times around the world.

2011 CES set a record in attendance and exhibitors, and 2012 is predicted to be even more manic, but record numbers aside; if you’re reading about CES through online resources –what should be your ‘take away’?

As first time CES newbs, I was shocked with the packed attendance in the Las Vegas Convention Center, miles of exhibition floor space and a lot of “Mr. Me Too” products. Admittedly, the saturation of tablet and 3D television coverage was a turnoff (IMO) and we wanted to find things that were impressive through innovation and design. Over the week ( and yes, we know the event was this past weekend), we’ll be showing off products in ‘#CES: Cool Things, Techpeek Approved”. So here is our kick-off, and stay tuned throughout the week – we will post these daily!


This therapeutic robot, which responds to motion, touch and can adapt to the user’s preferences, was developed for hospital and nursing home patients, especially those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Paro bots move their bodies and faces and make squealing noises to convey reactions or emotions. After some touching and feeling, I can confirm that this robot is just as cute as it is realistic.

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